Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage modality that is directed towards the deeper tissues of the muscles in the body. In life, traumas both physical and emotional might cause reduction of the moment that results in pain and stiffness in muscles and the connective tissues surrounding the muscle tissue. After a deep tissue massage, a physical and an emotional balance is experienced by the client.

  • Relieves muscular tension and relaxes muscles spasms.
  • Improves circulation and blood flow to bring fresh oxygen to the tissues
  • Promotes overall healing and well-being.
  • Increases flexibility and strength of joints.
  • Decreased pain sensitivity.
  • Strengthens the immune system

Unwind and Experience Relaxation in a Package!

Seven 60 min sessions $ 525. Please note that you can add $ 30.00 to one season and make your relaxation a 90 minutes’ massage deal (you still get the same savings). Any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members. Must be used within 6 months. You save $35!

14 sessions 60 min session $ 910 (Must be used within six months) 140 dollar’s value

Note that any of the packages can be shared with friends and family members. Gift certificates will be provided if needed.

Thai Yoga Massage & Deep Tissue combined!

What is be better than receiving a Thai Yoga Massage followed by a deep tissue massage! I promise you that you feel revitalized in body, mind, and spirit, after this ultimate well-being makeover!