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Starting January 29, 2019

Beginners Yoga Course or a Yoga Refresher Course?

Yoga with Friends

In yoga for beginners, we will explore the fundamentals of yoga. The fundamentals are important and set a strong foundation in the yoga practice for a yoga novice. A brief of history of yoga will be introduced. This course will put a strong emphasis on yoga breathing. You will learn ujjayi breath and how to synchronize this yoga breathing method with the yoga movements; when you move into a pose, while you hold the pose, and when you move out of the pose; this is called vinyasa. Vinyasa links one pose to the next, and without the correct breathing method, it virtually impossible to practice vinyasa, or any yoga for that matter.

A beginners’ course or an open class, which one is right for you? It depends on where you are at in your practice.

As a yoga instructor and a yoga practitioner, myself, I have seen over the years, how vital information is lost in the instructions from the yoga teacher who is calling out the asanas during a yoga class. This is not because the yoga teachers were unskilled in teaching yoga, quite the contradictory, the instructor was knowledgeable and gave an excellent class, but due to a large number of mixed level students, and the duration of the yoga class, there is not much time to communicate the theory of yoga and its philosophy. More importantly, it is not much time to teach or mention the importance of yoga breathing and without it, a yoga asana practice is pretty much lost. After all, K. Pattabhi Jois, a well-known yoga master, said it all when he so famously stated that: “yoga is 99 percent practice and 1 percent theory.”

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