Deep Tissue Massage Albuquerque

Deep Tissue Massage in Albuquerque

More and more people are discovering the benefits of a deep tissue massage and your own doctor may even recommend regular sessions. Before committing to the experience, it might be helpful to understand more about what is involved in a deep tissue massage. Once you have a better comprehension of what to expect and how it can help you, you’ll be ready to contact us for an initial consultation in the Albuquerque area at (505) 235-8032.

What Can I Expect from a Deep Tissue Massage?

If you’re already experienced with other types of massages, you might assume that “deep tissue massage” is just another term for a Swedish massage. While some of the techniques may seem a little similar, the intent of a deep tissue massage is much different. This type of therapy targets muscle knots and scar tissue, breaking apart these problem areas to rid the individual of pain or movement limitations.

A deep tissue massage begins with the therapist providing light pressure. This is similar to stretching, before beginning any physical exercise, in that it prepares the muscles for a more intensive workout. Once the muscles are warmed up, the therapist will begin the deep muscle techniques. They include:

  • Stripping – A process of gliding the hands along the muscles to provide a deeply reaching pressure. The therapist will utilize his thumbs, knuckles, forearm, and thumbs in this technique.
  • Friction – Here, pressure is applied in a direction opposite of the grain of the muscle. This helps to bring the muscle fibers back into alignment.

Because deep pressure is applied, you may feel some discomfort or pain, during the process, but as you get used to receiving deep tissue massage, this type of “pain” will eventually be experienced as “good pain” by the client, by distinguishing the difference between the bad pain (which indicate that something is wrong), and the good pain. It’s also common to experience pain or soreness for a couple of days, following the session. Even so, you should always tell your therapist, if you do feel pain. Depending on the situation, this may suggest abnormal tension that can interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment. Our experienced therapists will know how to resolve the situation to provide you with a better experience.

The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

While scientific research is limited on the issue of what health benefits a deep tissue massage provides, patients continuously report the same benefits. The following health improvements have been shared by many individuals, after undergoing a deep tissue massage:

  • Relief of neck pain and upper back pain
  • Relief of lower back pain
  • Relief of pain caused by Fibromyalgia
  • Alleviation of Tennis elbow symptoms
  • Reduced symptoms of Piriformis syndrome
  • Fewer symptoms of Sciatica
  • Alleviation of Osteoarthritis pain
  • Release of muscle tension in problem areas
  • Improved posture
  • Relief from repetitive strain injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)
  • Faster recovery from injuries

If you would like to know more about deep tissue massages, contact us at (505) 235-8032 for an initial consultation. Our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to answer your questions and determine if a deep tissue massage is right for you.