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“Tone Jackson is an absolutely superb yoga instructor and massage therapist. Her yoga classes are challenging yet she tailors her instruction to meet the needs of both novice and advanced students. You will have a great workout and a lot of fun. As a highly experienced massage therapist, Tone brings an almost reverent respect for this ancient art. Tone instantly puts her clients at ease with her charm and cozy and inviting studio. Her massage sessions are therapeutic and relaxing; one can feel the muscle and joint pain seemingly melt away. As a bonus, Tone has an extremely engaging personality. Spend an hour with Tone and you will think you have been friends for years!” – TLB Airline Pilot

“I have been a consistent client of Tone Jackson for more than 19 years. What you get with Tone’s approach is a compassionate and an aware approach by a professional who infuses her heart and spirit in what she is doing at the moment. Her knowledge of the body, her lengthy background in teaching yoga, and her warm and excepting ways, create an atmosphere of relaxation for me that makes me feel safe…” – J.L.: Senior Account Executive

“Tone is very knowledgeable and personable. I’ve had both massages from her as well as attended her yoga classes. I’ve learned a lot from both and I look forward to learning more. Tone recently helped me with some tight strained muscles as a result of training for my most recent marathon. I would highly recommend Tone!” – J.H.: Sr. Client Service Manager NM

“Tone has been my wife’s Yoga instructor for more than 16 years, as well as mine for 9 years. We both started receiving regularly scheduled therapeutic massages from Tone more than 15 years ago. Tone has always proven to be an extremely effective and knowledgeable massage therapist. Her diverse and extensive background in various massage practices allows for a multitude of therapeutic solutions as well as a relaxing experience. Tone is great at listening to what the problem is and providing a massage tailored to solving each patient’s issues, not just a generic massage. A few years ago I threw my back out; it was a combination of a pre-existing injury and playing with my daughter. I could not walk or sit up for work and anticipated more than a week of minimal activity. I was fortunate that Tone was able to see me in a short time, she really focused on my lower back and hip injury and the massage was a huge step in my healing process. I was able to recover very quickly from these injuries that had previously kept me out for up to two weeks. Tone also recommended several stretch and strength exercises to address my condition. My back has been getting progressively better since then and I experience less pain and more mobility thanks to Tone.” – G.C.: Engineer, NM

“Tone has a natural gift of compassion and it is well expressed through her massage and yoga teaching. She has and continues to help me with stress and carpel tunnel symptoms through massage and yoga. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and yogic philosophy are weaved together for yoga classes that are both challenging and meditative. Tone has helped me to avoid injury and establish a home practice.” – Julie, NM

“I had strained my shoulder badly in my daily swimming. I was concerned i would have to stop this exercise that i love. In just one session Tone not only addressed the pain, but also provided instructions for stretching exercises that could help me. I have had a complete disappearance of the pain and have been able to continue my daily swimming!” – D.C. Senior Pastor N.M.

“Tone has helped me out with pain on my lower back and with relaxation. Very good at what she does.” – G.A. NM

“Tone has been my massage therapist and yoga teacher for 19 years. I first went to Tone to treat restricted mobility I’ve had in my right arm since birth. Tone’s yoga classes and massage therapy has increased the range of motion in the arm and has shown visible improvement. I would highly recommend Tone as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Her passion, dedication, and level of expertise are seldom matched.” – Jason S, Commercial Pilot, NM

“I have been going to Tone for more than 17 years and I highly recommend Tone for massage therapy. Tone has helped me to overcome many ailments I have experienced over the years from accidents and from pain recovering from surgery. Tone has an incredible knowledge of the body anatomically and spiritually.” – T.M: BioTechnologies, NM

“I have practiced with Tone for more than two years. Throughout this time, I have noticed a definite change in my core strength and a greater endurance in holding asanas. This awareness has brought a natural alignment and flexibility to my practice, as well as the realization of the importance of yogic breathing. Tone makes amazing adjustment’s, always listening to your body and working at a compassionate level. Her knowledge of anatomy, massage therapy, and the natural alignment of the body, guides her in teaching her classes and adjusting students. I highly recommend her classes for anyone interested in or already practicing yoga.” – Jenna K.: Graduate Student NM

“In the 11 years I have known Tone, she has helped me through the ups and downs in life helping me work through injuries with massage therapy and yoga, through developing an individual pre – and postnatal practice. She has inspired me to live healthier and make yoga a daily part of my life.” – Andrea NM.