15 Dec

Asana, what does it mean anyway?

Asana, what does it mean anyway? “Right poise must be firm and without strain” ~ Patanjali II.46 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the book of The Spiritual Man Translation by Charles Johnson Asana—have you noticed how asana follows all the descriptive names of a yoga pose; e.g., Sarvangasana, Shavasana, Tadasana and so on? Asana literally […]

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31 Oct

Create Your Own Yoga Class with Friends and Family

Yoga is an excellent way to connect with your true self. This Hindu tradition of physical, mental, and spiritual practices allows you to listen to your authentic self and forge a deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit. But yoga is also a great way to connect with your friends. If you’re looking for […]

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20 Sep

Can Yoga Help My Stressful Life?

Yoga practice is a journey into one’s self by learning to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t through love, devotion, knowledge, and self-control. Self-awakening is the experience of a higher consciousness full of peace and truth. The word yoga translates to “connection” or “union,” where anyone can realize their full potential through the integration of […]

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28 May

Yoga Classes Albuquerque

What are the benefits of yoga? This is the most asked question by people who are thinking about practicing yoga. It may not be entirely possible to give a comprehensive explanation, as there are simply too many. We will only discuss in this article some of the most important benefits that you can expect from doing yoga.

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